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xda trion, xda 2s and xda zinc

Quitter | 07.11.07, 01:42

O2 Xda Trion Missing in Phone List

Hello, like the topic said, my phone the O2 Xda Trion / I-Mate Jasjam does'nt appear on the phone list here. Short question: When will it be added? Thank you and Greetings from India,

Friend_Hunter | 22.10.06, 15:56

Nokia N93 or SE P990i or I-Mate Jas Jam?

P990i dont got n e Edge support , but its camera is much nicer dan n e 1 else like Jasjam(Trion)

Friend_Hunter | 23.10.06, 03:51

what is your dream cellphone???

I-mate JasJam or O2 XDA 2 Trion

Quitter | 14.01.07, 10:04

N95 or N82?

Dear Zedgers Our Sales Dept is offering N95 for 30% off the price and i personally prefer N82. the money i would spend over N82 will be expensive than offering N95 as its 30% off. which one should i get? is it worth buying N82 or N95 better? also i'm sick of Using HTC Trion with GPS reciever it always loose connection. are N95 and N82 are better solution to it? does the nokia map cover Mongolia? it says it is, but i still cannot figure out how to find and load it on my N80. i use maploader

nomad_legend | 06.11.08, 10:04

New pc games releasing this year 2011

2010 Developer: Spellbound / JoWood Genre: Role-Playing Game Also on: X360, PS3 16 7 16. Max Payne 3 - PC Games Release: Q2 2010 Developer: Rockstar Vancouver Genre: Modern Shooter Also on: PS3, X360 67 8.2 17. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - PC Games Release: Q2 2010 Developer: Blizzard Genre: Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy Exclusive PC Release Part 1: Wings of Liberty, will focus on the Terrans 1 0 18. Heroes of Telara - PC Games Release: TBA 2010 Developer: Trion World Network

__Priyanka | 01.01.11, 17:25
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