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Share your smses here

10 inches then turn up with only 4! Werent u u a brat 2 think i wudnt find out? Dnt u know were only jokin wen we say size dnt count? I will survive! I will survive! Cuz as long as i hav batteries, my sex lifes gona thrive! I will always hav gud sex, with a handful of latex! I will survive!

Quitter | 02.09.07, 14:00

very bad users

their profile to help them... to mention some problems. And to get back to topic, it must be annoying when you receive an offensive message from an unknown user! Totally agree - no one should have to put up with abuse from people who just thrive on making people upset and angry. And more than anything, I agree that anyone without a public profile should not be allowed to post messages on guestbooks, send any kind of PM's or post in the forums. As stated before, it causes all manner

Quitter | 04.01.07, 15:07

Create words ending with - ive

thrive .............

angeliclucero | 13.07.09, 20:06

words starting with T

thrive .

Quitter | 18.05.10, 10:05

Create A Word Ending With ing


Quitter | 16.01.07, 00:38

What are you listening to? (6)

Angels On The Moon - Thriving Ivory

Quitter | 12.12.08, 00:05

What R U listening 2 right now?..

Thriving Ivory - - "Angels on the moon"

Quitter | 03.09.09, 19:29

What are You listening 2 right now?..

Thriving Ivory - -"Angels on the moon"

Quitter | 22.09.09, 19:32

What Are You Listening To, Right Now?

runaway-thriving ivory ....

Quitter | 24.05.10, 10:32

Start with the last word!! (3)

earth is were we thrive...

Quitter | 25.09.10, 07:39

One Letter Two Words 2

Thriving Team

Quitter | 28.05.14, 04:08

Create a word that ends with - "es"-


Quitter | 16.06.09, 09:10

Start with the last word!! (2)

survive and thrive in a challenging economy

Quitter | 03.11.09, 07:15

Are we alone?

no we're not alone , where there is a way life will find it and thrive

Quitter | 16.02.07, 09:23

Story Time... Continue this...

...where horny women thrive!!!!

Quitter | 28.03.07, 00:23

Mood Ring Generator.

Your Mood Ring is Magenta Weird Creative Insipired Thriving

Quitter | 04.05.07, 05:26

Whats your real name ?

Some say it's love..... others say its romance but passion thrives in my soul...... Purple Rose

Quitter | 07.06.06, 13:18

love marriage or arranged ????

i am planning 2 marriages love as well as arrange ,lets see which one thrives

Quitter | 17.06.09, 17:09

The Muppet Personality Test

You Are Animal A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts. You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary. But you sure can beat a good drum. "Kill! Kill!"

Quitter | 09.07.07, 06:23

Dedicate A Song

I wanna dedicate Angels on the Moon by thriving ivory to my son. He's been an angel for 2 yrs now. He was 11 yrs old when he passed away. He and i used to look through his telescope at the moon. I love you Harley:'(

Quitter | 09.01.10, 19:32

what do you think about yourself

generally i think i am a decent person, who gives way to forgivable sins, i think for myself, i thrive on art, i believe i am strong of soul, and all around i think i am a relatively weird person as far as "normal" goes, but i also think that is part of what makes me a lovable character

Quitter | 06.09.06, 01:46

The Shortest Personality Test!

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant. Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle. You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs. For you, comfort and calm are very important. You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection. You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

Quitter | 14.05.07, 20:06

What's your thinking style?

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Exploring You thrive on the unknown and unpredictable. Novelty is your middle name. You are a challenger. You tend to challenge common assumptions and beliefs. An expert inventor and problem solver, you approach everything from new angles. You show people how to question their models of the world.

Quitter | 15.06.07, 20:29

What country are you?!

You Are Hong Kong You are a hard worker and good at making money. Wealth, reputation, and prestige are very important to you. You thrive in an cutting edge, energetic environment. You play to win. And even though you're competitive and a bit ruthless, you are still well mannered!

Quitter | 18.09.08, 08:36

What's Your Name's Power?

What's Your Name's Power? Your Name's Power is Curiousity Your name's power is that it helps you be curious. Your name conveys that you are an energetic traveler of life. People who meet you can't help but think you are thriving. You try to live your life with mercy and enthusiasm. lol...

Quitter | 28.03.09, 19:54

Whats the best phone?

Mmm that makes no sense....people usually thrive for prefection, and there is no such thing as a perfect phone, but u thrive to get it, a perfect phone remains perfect for a while until another phone appears that seems to be more perfect.... its a never endless spiral of developing perfection. but iam sorry to say etaaab there no such thing as a perfect phone, not now, not in a million years, coz tmrw and in 2 million yrs sumthing better will appear and wash away this lie of perfection

Quitter | 18.12.05, 00:32

Boybands, reasons why we hate em

boybands haha they all look like women (perfect for making stupid tv series like boys will be girls). they cant write music, cant sing music, cant play any instruments, cant think for themselves ie they r completely useless failed people who struck gold in their lives.....oh well as long as people continue to buy their albums they will thrive

Quitter | 11.06.06, 20:43

Who or What do U hate

Weekend drivers The most irritating of cunts on the planet. They are never in a rush to go anywhere, but just crawl along aimlessly thriving on annoying the crap out of everyone else on the roads. They always drive 15 mph below the speed limit. They think they are the world's ''best'' drivers but they are not. They are cunts because they never look in their rear view mirrors. If they did they would see the 18 car tailback behind them

Quitter | 03.01.07, 17:39

Help with N93 Push-to-talk

Its operator dependant. If i remember right, there is only Orange in the UK that supports PTT (i could be wrong though so dont quote me on that). Also, the other person needs to have a PTT enabled phone, on a compatible operator. Basically, forget it. PTT is just a gimmick and tbh, a complete waste of development money implementation into handsets. PTT only seems to thrive in the more poorer areas of the world where its cheaper to use than actual phone calls.

Quitter | 21.11.06, 22:08

What's Your Rising Sign?

Your Rising Sign is Libra A total charmer, it's hard for people to say no to you. Irresistable and attractive, you have no shortage of love interests. Totally competitive, you tend to thrive in stressful enviroments. A peaceful soul, you avoid conflict at almost all costs. Sometimes you try too hard to please those around you. But you have a great inner strength that helps you bounce back easily.

Quitter | 28.08.07, 06:03
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