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Is your device not supported? Post here!

Please add the LG Optimus Slider (LS700)

Quitter | 28.11.11, 00:35

Embedding music,videos and more

http://videokeman.com/music/videokemanplay.swf" width="300" height="44" wmode="transparent" FlashVars="playerID=1&bg=0xffffff&leftbg=0xCA4536&lefticon=0xffffff&rightbg=0xCA4536&rightbghover=0x999999&righticon=0xffffff&righticonhover=0xffffff&text=0xCA4536&slider=0x303030&track=0xFFFFFF&border=0x666666&loader=0xC52C24&autostart=yes&loop=yes&soundFile=http://videokeman.com/dload/nm3/071011/Selena_Gomez_-_Love_You_Like_A_Love_Song.vkm" now u have to join them with ?

Quitter | 05.08.11, 04:47

problem with slider

I have a new samsung d900 and it has a little problem with the slider. Everything is ok when you start to slide it but it cant go to the end I have to push it again to fit ok. Maybe it needs some time for the mehanizam to work fine, because the phone is new. Is it normal or that is just in my case?

Quitter | 07.02.07, 18:50

S40, S60 or S80? find out here

where is my 3600 slider

Quitter | 05.09.09, 16:22

Put Ur Theme Request Here

Could someone please make me 3 themes , if you have the time please : 2 themes from the movie ( What a girl wants ) and 1 theme from a tv show called ( Sliders ) I have some pictures here for the sliders theme but not from the what a girl wants themes , but could you just please make it with any pictures from that movie , any good pictures. Heres the pictures for the sliders theme , also if possible could you please add the sliders theme song to it aswell. PIC1 >>>http://earthprime

Quitter | 28.10.09, 16:14

Introduce Yourselves Here

Hello there, I'm new to the forum, but not really new to cellular phones. I've had cells for the past 10 or so years, many models, ranging from the Motorola flip brick, to Nokia's 5190, Moto Startac, Nokia 8390, Moto V710, LG slider, Razr etc. I never really knew that so much can be done with the newer phones until reading this forum! I currently have a Nokia 6265i, had it for about two weeks, and enjoy playing with it. Anyways, glad to be here.

Quitter | 28.11.07, 12:52

Creating themes for Samsung Z series

since it has a clam form factor while the u700 is a slider this is only my own opinion.

Quitter | 02.11.08, 15:23

Best Slider Phone in the market

i have NOKIA 6280 and it is the best slider phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Quitter | 18.02.07, 20:03

N95 Slider problem...

Hi there, I've got an N95 and was just wondering if anyone has any ideas why every time i close the slider, my phone acts as if the multimedia key has been pressed...

TrueTenacity | 08.10.07, 16:59

Unlock Nokia3600 slider

Jst check your port frnd..how can a slider phone can lock its keypad wth a security code? It wil ask security code only whn restarted...try software reinstall.

Quitter | 09.06.10, 04:35

SE M600i and SE W950i

@sts, to each his own i guess...i didn't like the m600i at all...especially the fact that the equaliser in the music player has no manual setting...afaik, the w950i has not even started shipping but something tells me u ain't lieing so i take ur word on it...btw, have u played with the w850i slider???if u have post ur take...as in pros & cons of the w850i.

Quitter | 15.09.06, 08:55

Zedge 3.0 Feedback

I just wanted to state that when I look up themes for my new sony ericsson z750 it says there are no themes available, which i understand because it is a fairly new phone, but i had themes i'd downloaded for my w850 (i think) the sony slider.....anyways they work on the z750 I hope this helps someone

Quitter | 05.05.08, 20:15

W910i Slider prob

yeah the slider is loose but it's normal

Quitter | 15.11.08, 12:10

what is the best touch qwerty slider?

GUYS, please help me....I'm trying to buy a touch-qwerty-slider phone.............. do you have any suggestion???

siama2 | 09.01.10, 09:36

Samsung Slider having problems here

Aanii Everyone,,,,,, does anyone have a samsung slider phone and experiencing problems like l am? I can get this on my phone but I can only play and not save. I save it to my pc and go to send it to my phone and it will not go there. So, if anyone is having problems or has experienced on how to fix this, can you please message me or email me. I am 48 years old and it is easier to run a business then to get a ringtone to my phone........ I cannot believe this trouble with this

Mooniekwe | 14.07.09, 20:50

My serious suggestion.

I was a bit fired up writing that first thing, so maybe I wasn't on point. Sooner or later, zedge is going to have to either include gif/png or raise the 50kB limit. With my black/white as example, the cropped screenshot in JPEG compression was 77.3 kB with the "quality-slider" all the way up. For it to get down to <50 kB, the slider needs to be set at the worst possible setting. And this compared to a GIF compression that gives "perfect" quality with only 5 kB. (PNG is 8 kB) It

El_Guap0 | 23.03.09, 14:22

NEW: Zedge Mobile

I used it on my Nokia 6681, and its very nice. But while replying my PM, if the text exceeds the provided box, and then sliders appear (both longitudenal and horizontal), I was unable to see my text which should have been scrolled if it got out side the provided box. I mean as far as writing text within box area, it is ok. But there is some problem when one writes a longer text which goes out of the box limit. Please rectify this problem in your gesigned program

Quitter | 26.01.07, 06:51

I wanna buy.....??

That really is a vague question. Like asking, "I want a car. what should I buy?" Tell us a little about what features you want... Do you want a pda first, phone 2nd or phone with some pda functions? Bluetooth? USB? Flip, slider, candybar?

Quitter | 27.05.06, 16:35

N73 Camera guard slider problem

the slider you can buy easily,its the housing around the slider and the camera im having trouble finding.

Quitter | 11.06.07, 13:53

How old is your nokia slider phones?

at least its good to hear a slider phone reaches a year being undamage

budscom | 07.12.08, 21:19

Straight Talk LG511C Slider

jr88fan78 | 22.05.12, 19:58

Download to PC error, please help.

MIDIet . The first too aren't used for anything other then a bit of java info so don't worry about those. Select Install MIDIet. You will be prompted for a password. The phones password is 235282. Enter that then hit ok. you'll see a list of all the .jad and .jar files on the phone select the .jad (the smaller file, usally 1kb) and select install. The phone will appear to freeze. Close the slider and a warning will pop about an unsigned MIDIet if it's a freeware type game. Select yes. You;ll get

Quitter | 15.08.07, 20:35

Sl65 open slider/use headset to start a call error

Hi people, my sl65 is messed up, it wont let me dial or receive calls, when i dial it says open slider/use headset to start call. Anyone know how i can fix this problem? thx Title edited - Pasantonio

gqboi77 | 07.02.06, 02:18

K750i puzzle slider game no longer works????

drewzyboy | 19.07.05, 13:12

Words Start with "S" ....

slider .. .....

Icy_Hot | 21.02.09, 04:17

words ends with er

slider . .

Quitter | 13.01.12, 11:49

Disadvantage of N95

The Slider would be 1 ..but then its Design , but its not a Solid Slider as i would of Expected it to Be

Quitter | 13.09.07, 15:36

This or that part III

Nokia.. Flip Phone or Slider Phone..?

Quitter | 26.03.07, 15:22

Check this baby out!! new W850!

looks awesome...but no slider for me.

Quitter | 21.05.06, 16:00

Phone family

D500 - super slider

Quitter | 09.08.05, 18:44
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