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Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Congrats to the 2 winners! Zedge really rocks!

Quitter | 07.01.13, 09:18

Help with posting pictures

="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"/><br><img src="http://apps.rockyou.com/dot.gif?w=GZ&d=A5A8&c=1&id=349973&=.gif"><a target="_BLANK" href="http://www.rockyou.com?type=gizmoz&refid=349973"><img alt="RockYou Gizmoz" src="http://apps.rockyou.com/images/logo-mini.gif" border="0"></a> - <a target="_BLANK" href="http://www.rockyou.com/gizmoz/create-sticker.php?refid=349973">Get Your Own</a><br>

Quitter | 24.04.08, 18:22

Browsers, browsers and more browsers ...

btw: i also use opera mini on my mobile. I have an old nokia 6630. Is symbian v60 2nd, much like N70. So, the symbian version of Opera rocks. For android users: i guess u found out already that there is a mobile version for firefox too... It works for the newer android phones. I used HTC Magic (aka Sapphire, google ion, T-mobile G1, etc) to test it. It was not compatible. HTC Magic has android 1.6, so, i guess other android 1.2 devices woun't work either. But i bet firefox mobile rocks.

Quitter | 07.02.12, 19:55

Opera Mini ?

ok?! then I+m the only stupid one here or what? anyone that could give some thoughts about opera mini then? I think it rocks. It's much better than using a built-in WAP browser. Now if only Mozilla would release a Firefox for mobiles...(Nokia has thrown in some funding for just such a thing).

Quitter | 04.04.06, 18:35

uc browser vs opera mini

opera mini rocks

Quitter | 29.01.12, 17:46

which one is the best web browser ?

opera mini 10. . . Rocking

Quitter | 12.02.11, 18:52

3 words: 2 same, 1 different letter!

Mini Me Rocks

Quitter | 09.01.10, 10:16

slipknot or linkin park ? ? ? !!!!

i agree with my mini_pupi Linkin Park rocks

Quitter | 15.04.09, 08:44

What's the first phone you ever had ?

My very first mobile was O2 XDA II mini a windows mobile & currently I am using Nokia 5130. But both the phones rock

Quitter | 09.07.10, 17:39

I Love You Because...(Game)

I Love You Because I Love Rock Music I Love You Because I Love Rock Music too and you are cute lke an angel... T.c everybody and have fun im oFF bb..

Quitter | 25.01.09, 12:16

W850 or N73 ME??????

N73ME...Coz its oso my phone...Thus, 3.2 megapixels CARL ZEISS optics is way better than W850i's 2.0 megapixels...& N73ME 2GB MiniSD is included...dude...This phone ROCKS...

Quitter | 07.06.07, 11:50

Phone watch: the nokia n91

If I am correct, this is the first nokia phone equipped with a micro/mini/small hard disk. correct me if i’m wrong. so is it possible that if we dropped the phone by accident, the internal hard disk would be damaged? is it shocked proof? Also, i noticed that the N91 has no memory card reader. again, correct me if i’m wrong. I really want to buy this cool phone if it really rocks.

erwin77 | 26.06.05, 07:17

Which Final Fantasy is the best and why?

FF7 is the best... it owns... it rocks.. has the best story line... the characters are cool... the best villain... sepiroth.. woooooooh... the game play... the mini quests... You will know the difference if u really played it.. LOVED it So MucH... i was only 14 when i first played it... like reiman said "ah the memories...." FF9 and 10 also has Very Good Storyline...

Quitter | 09.02.07, 03:03

Sony 580imemory card..!!

Yeah i bought it in buy.com a mini SD card but its not working i think we have to take a micro M2 card..but its too costly..i think its around 25$ like that..i cant afford tht much.. hey check out new ring tone.. search Djzed_mega_bass..its rocking ringtone..for 580i..

vickyfin | 26.01.08, 10:21

PSP or GameBoy ???

hi i like the old school stuff like the first Game Boy form 1989!!! GameBoy Rocks. its a grandfather of all handy consols, like Gameboy Color, Mini,Advance,DS, Seaga Game Gear and even PSP!!! i still have my game boy, that i got on my 16. B-day!!! and it still works!!!

Quitter | 04.05.08, 18:54

eBuddy etc. can't connect in SE 302.

I'd installed Opera Mini 4, eBuddy, RockeTalk, mig33, so on. But when i wanna use it can't connect n the notification's CONNECTION FAILED. YOU HAVE TO SET INTERNET JAVA SETTING OR ASK YOUR PROVIDER whereas my hp internet setting'd been active n correct in my provider. Would you give me the solution how to repair? Thanks.

Choteeb | 19.08.09, 10:50

Tamil font software for Nokia E71

download opera mini 4.3, it supports tamil. make sure u download the tamil version from http://www.opera.com/mobile/download/nokia/e71/ Opera mini ? but hw its related to font changer ? the user is asking for a software to change the fonts of his mobile to tamil. Heya check this link! There u can download kural tamil software! Hope it may help you!

Quitter | 13.10.11, 13:05

Slvr l7

I'm NEVER going to buy Moto again! All flash and no go! Buy high end phones and customise them. Moto v360 rocks all phones on the market. 512MB storage ability (hacked to 1gig yesterday) Unlimited video record, removed mirror and added super brite led light for camera, removed all branded items, installed 23 new skins, hacked to play MP3's for ringtone off transcard, removed "blocks" on storage (sms, pictures, video, MP3's), edge web is super fast. Installed Opera mini

Quitter | 24.03.06, 20:36

request game handphone here

On Fire Galleon Dawn Game Of Life Gangland Gangstar Gangstar - Crime City Garfields Day Out Gem Jam Ghost Force Ghost ?N Cooling Ghosts ?N Goblins Giana Sisters Girls Gamble Gold Miner Golden Warrior 3D Golf Club Governator Grubby 3D GTA 4 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Guiness World Of Records Handy Luder Hard Rock Casino Hitchhikers

fakhriTBD | 15.01.09, 09:23

games for nokia phone

Of Life Gangland Gangstar Gangstar - Crime City Garfields Day Out Gem Jam Ghost Force Ghost ?N Cooling Ghosts ?N Goblins Giana Sisters Girls Gamble Gold Miner Golden Warrior 3D Golf Club Governator Grubby 3D GTA 4 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Guiness World Of Records Handy Luder Hard Rock Casino Hitchhikers Guide - Adventure Hitman

fakhriTBD | 15.01.09, 09:29

metal gear solid 3 codes

To bring down an enemy quick manually aim at the enemies head and shoot. This well normally take down a soldier in one shot. If it doesn't it well die probably with the next shot. Note - This only works with humanoids. Monkey Mask Get the top five high scores in the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game. Alternately, successfully complete the game. Raiden Mask Select the "I liked MG2" option when starting the game. Animals camouflage Defeat Ocelot to get the Animals camouflage. Banana camouflage Get

_Solid__Snake_ | 13.09.07, 09:03

Birthdays . . . . .

1945 - Anupam Kher, Indian actor 1945 - Frank Ashmore, American actor 1946 - Peter Rosei, Austrian writer 1957 - Jon Gries, American actor 1958 - Jello Biafra, American musician and activist 1960 - Michael Monroe, Finnish singer (Hanoi Rocks) 1963 - Greg Kinnear, American actor 1964 - Michael Gross, German swimmer 1965 - Dermontti Dawson, American NFL, center 1966 - Jason Patric, American actor 1969 - Paul Tergat, Kenyan athlete 1975 - Chloe Jones, American actor (d. 2005) 1978 - Kumiko

Quitter | 28.11.05, 19:07

philips x800 ~~ :oops:

http://www.4shared.com/file/71818854/9dc6620e/GreysAnatomy.html http://www.4shared.com/file/71818970/a95faea2/GuitarRockTour.html http://www.4shared.com/file/71737223/9281155f/Heroes.html http://www.4shared.com/file/74415830

Quitter | 19.12.08, 22:13
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