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Subscriber accuses airtel

those are some super duper offers !! i'm on a hutch pre-paid plan wherein, i pay re 1 for local mobile to mobile calls and i got 100 sms free in a day to any mobile or cdma network.. its a pretty gud scheme.. Am actually against using a post paid connection cuz i think its not really 'cost effective' as they call it. They make u pay the rental for no rhyme or reason and then charge for ur mobile usage also?? tht is a strange philosophy to me.. Also after a few months on postpaid, ur

Quitter | 21.10.05, 10:52

problem with motofone

of running the device for up to 7 hours of talk time, or 16.5 days of standby time. The CDMA version of the MOTOFONE F3, known as the MOTOFONE F3c, has less battery life than the F3: 2.5 hours of talk time or just over 7 days of standby time. In many markets the Motorola MOTOFONE F3 will also be available as a pre-paid handset, reporting account balances after calls and messages. Both the MOTOFONE F3 and F3c are expected to be available in Q4 2006

Quitter | 04.03.07, 17:26

6630 rreview cool isnt it?

: 4368 KB C: Flash size: 7256/9928 KB D: RAM size: 1873/1883 KB E: HDD size: 205044/250600 KB Z: ROM size: 0/0 KB Pen: Supported IMEI: *************** The scores are less cause the app was installed on the DVRSMMC and not on Phone memory.. Mobile Review.com got 2401 as the score.. Advantages : 1) A very fast Processor.. I like it.. works very fast.. 2) Has up-2-date tech inside it including WCDMA.. Reliance is currenty supportin 2000 CDMA.. wher as this phone is 2100.. Hopefully

montsa007 | 20.12.05, 07:54

please help.... k810i

hello paramsikh : 1) Symbian OS, with its roots in Psion Software's EPOC, is structured like many desktop operating systems with pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection. EPOC was inspired by a VMS-like approach to multitasking with server-based asynchronous serialised access based on events. Symbian OS was built to follow three design rules - the integrity and security of user data is paramount, user time must not be wasted, and all resources are scarce. This led to a continuation

Quitter | 09.02.08, 11:01
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