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S40, S60 or S80? find out here

Symbian ^3 C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, E7-00, N8-00 Symbian Anna E6-00, ORO, X7-00 Maemo N800, N810, N810 WiMAX, N900

Geoff_999 | 07.02.07, 19:02

motorola razr2 v9 or nokia n76???...hmmm

i own nokias best phone the n800 well n810 has a key board but i hacked an i phone keyboard thts awesome on my n800 and the n800 has a coler cam an is the same as n810 - hardware keyboard anyway.... i LOVE my RAZR2 modder use it as a modem for internet and gps/tv 99 channles so umm yeah dood get the razr 2 v9m in 2 months it will be compatible with anything

Quitter | 07.01.08, 07:15

which new phone

No money - a cheap 2nd hand phone Little cash - 2626 Nice & Budget phone - 6120 classic Medium range - N73ME / N81 Premium range - N95 8GB / N81 8GB High class range - Vertu device Office & Business phone - Nokia's E-series (preferably E90) Tablet PC - Nokia N810

Quitter | 30.10.07, 10:05

Upgrading your N800 to OS 2008

N800 users have a particularly good reason for updating their firmware, because Nokia has just released a brand new version of the tablet's operating system called OS 2008. OS 2008 is present on all N810s, but most N800s shipped with the older OS 2007, so N800 owners probably have to update their firmware in order to use OS 2008. OS 2008 replaces OS 2007 and makes all sorts of improvements such as greatly increasing the processor speed, more finger-friendly menus, a constantly updated

Quitter | 24.03.08, 08:36
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