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help to unlock sony ericsson walkman mix

help to unlock sony ericsson walkman mix on tesco mobile any help to open it to use a three sim?

jackarmy1971 | 26.02.12, 10:28

w810i Walkman sotware issue

Hi I have a big issue here that's making me mad I'm trying to transfer songs to my w810 via the Disc to Phone software bundled with my phone. I don't have a memory stick card reader, so it's my only option for now. The problem is, I'm having a big headeache trying to transfer the songs in the order I want. I mean, I'm tryng to transfer a various artists mix cd, when you really need to keep the cd songs order(track list). Once I have the whole cd in my w810, and try to open it in the walkman

essio35 | 23.05.06, 15:30

best music phone

no sonyerricson well this is a sony ericsson forum buddy. what would you be thinking if i went into the nokia forums and said 'no nokia, sony ericsson is better.' anyway, i recken any phone from the walkman series rock. megabass mixed with the in-ear headphones... *drool* best qualitly sound i've ever heard.

Quitter | 29.10.06, 00:07

W800i love and hate

Love - phones easy to use, fast, looks great, got a walkman, good camera, loud speaker many more Hate - It crashes alot when getting out or in the walkman sometimes and it mixes around my music putting new songs I download on ontop of older songs (If you get me). Screen looks like static on the tv when getting out of folders to fast. And is it me or is the bluetooth slower when sending files then on other phones i.e samsung D600 or D500 my friends and sis have this and its much faster

mairimomo | 03.07.06, 22:17

Let's play a music game(2)

I've got your picture in my wallet, and your Phone number to call it, and I miss you more, Whenever I think about you,. I've got your mixed tape in my Walkman, been so long since we've been talkin' and in a few more days, we'll both hook up, forever and ever MOMENT OF TRUTH.... fmSTATIC

Quitter | 08.01.09, 20:04

Why My Samsung E250 SUCKS!

external memory??? CAN ANY1 CLARIFY... Sm1 using 2GB?? in short, this is an elegant mix of basic features + sexy slide function... jus wish it had a 2MP Cam, 4 GB Storage, Great Volume & Superb sound quality etc. etc. but then it 'dnt be what it is, it'd be a Nokia 5600 0r a Sony Walkman Series.. i guess thts enough -ve points to stop sum1 4m GETTIN this phone (go 4 it if u dont care a lot abt the display nd sound quality) Slide Feature is sexy

paxdot | 21.05.08, 19:32

my k750i reveiw!

the context menu. The recorder is elementary: it offers no other functions but the Start and the Stop ones. Every 20 seconds a peep sound comes out in order to alert the person at the other end of the line that the conversation is being recorded. The duration of the record depends on the capacity of free memory only. The final result is a slightly indistinct AMR file. Although the list with calls is mixed, you can check the groups of received, dialed and missed calls separately. The inconvenience here

jack779 | 13.06.06, 11:18
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