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The SPH- M500

Something about SPH-M500 The SPH-M500 is Samsung's latest multimedia clamshell, integrating music, photos, movies, and the Internet in a slim compact design. Running on Sprint's Power Vision Network, users can download news, music and entertainment at broadband-like speeds. Consumers access music over-the-air through Sprint's Music Store, watch live programming through Sprint TV, and store multimedia on microSD cards. Additionally, the M500 features a 1

viviforever | 23.01.07, 07:56

help !ringtone m500 ??

i got samsung m500 and i try get from here some new ringtone .. nothing work :S i had even put file in my stuff and when i try get it with the phone is open only the file , no option ... please help

nosrestal | 04.12.08, 00:07

samsung sph m500 themes

hey everyone, I'm new to this site, and I was wondering if anyone kws where i can get themes for Samsung SPH M500 phone I would also appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to install them thanx

vaiosony123 | 20.06.07, 23:59

Is your device not supported? Post here!

samsung sph-m500 not listed

Quitter | 30.01.08, 19:05

Put Ur Theme Request Here

Does anyone have themes for Samsung M500.... It's new model so I wasn't sure if anyone had make any themes for it thanx everyone

vaiosony123 | 21.06.07, 19:49

Creating themes for Samsung Z series

No, actually it saves the theme as a .thm file. I'm not a Samsung user; I just posted this tutorial because I found the program and I knoe many people would need a translation in order to use it. I'├▒ll try selecting other models and I'll tell you if it saves themes as .gc or .gcd Which model are you using? Samsung M500 , american version??? I think the UK version is Samsung Z500 And it is 176 x 220

Quitter | 02.07.07, 19:44

Problems downloading ringtones to cell

On many phones after you "play" the MP3 you have to hit your Menu Key to bring up the option to store the MP3. On Many Motorola's the menu key is the center key. On the Samsung m500 Page 81 to 84 of the user manual details how to download.

Quitter | 14.01.08, 20:30

Upload Problem- No Button To Download.

Hey, Thanks for reading this. When I try to download a ringtone, screensaver, theme, or video I do everything it says. But at the point where I have to click download(or something similiar, can't remember exact phrasing) There is no button to save, can you help me? I'm using the internet on my phone. My phone is a Samsung M500

MrsDolley | 24.01.09, 21:28

How from My Downloads to Phone

. What am I not doing? Is this a system wide problem? I have tried both methods and can't get them to download from the net to my phone. Help please Also I am using samsung m500 and can't find what phone it is comparable with. Have less than 10 files in My downloads if that makes a difference.

seekandfindme | 11.01.08, 02:51

Can't Save the Ringtones! HELP!!!

I have a Samsung M500 phone. First I went to the www.zedge.com site on my phone but the site wouldn't let me download anything. So then it was suggested I go to m.zedge.net and I finally could browse and download ringtones. HOWEVER...after a download it comes up with a media player icon and I can only play the sound immediately after downloading it. It gives me no option to save it to my ringtones, nor does it give an option to assign the ringtone to someone

TLK1979 | 22.01.09, 03:18

So... help me?

Im using the Samsung SPH - M500.

tzkal | 06.11.07, 22:22

What smartphone do you have?

Orange SPV C500 (x2) Orange SPV C600 Orange SPV M500 T-Mobile MDA Vario

Quitter | 25.08.06, 06:44

water resistant wrist phone :-)

finally a water resistance wrist phone that too quad band bluetooth , quadband ... etc etc ..comes with a price of $850 !!! hehehe .. who is ready to buy ??? more at http://www.tecfre.com/water-resistant-wrist-phone-m500-time

phonetastic | 30.05.07, 16:29

My Ringtones won't work

I downloaded ringtones on my Samsung SPH-M500 from my computer. It only works as music and I cant set it as a ringtone. I also tried to download it from the website directly to my phone but it doesn't have that option. What do I do now?

tzkal | 16.12.07, 23:03

Which phones have u used till date ??

Samsung N400 CDMA Kyocera 2345 Nokia 6225 Samsung M500 Samsung Sync Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack II Samsung Epix BB Curve 8300 BB Bold 9000 BB Bold 9700 LG Phoenix HTC Inspire 4G Motorola Atrix 4G Motorola Photon iPhone 4S Sprint GS3 T-Mobile GS3 *AT&T Galaxy S3

Quitter | 09.12.12, 14:43

Comment about the nokia 9300i

I had 9300 for long time before it got stolen. It was working fine and did support most file formats that I use on PC. With my current 9300i it have wifi which is the only different then 9300. It's not slow at all. It better then windows OS on my M500 which had windows OS was keep crashing every time I try some thing big. With 9300i it will be slow if you going to put 2GB MMC card, otherwise can't get better com then this. Good luck.

Quitter | 30.12.06, 14:46

Advice on pocket pc

Ok guys need some help here. am going to get a pocket pc maybe in one months time from my dad and since i have been mostly a symbian person i have no idea about pdas well its the ETEN M500 what do you think, from my research it has some cool specs OS is Windows Mobile 2003. first of all can i update the OS, lets say windows release another OS is it the same principle as PC. more questions with time. please state the pros and cons

62d763ea2fe8cc | 02.10.05, 13:23
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