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Introduce Yourselves Here

Any fellow LGBTQ members? If you try to add me, please, NO creepy men, and do NOT send me messages about your opinion of me. I have a girlfriend. I'm 19. I'm 100% a L.E.S.B.I.A.N. I live in Washington State, US.

Quitter | 02.12.13, 14:15

zedge help pls???

pls help me out whenever i open zedge.net the whole website appears to be small the font size,images, literally everything that can be seen reduces in size and i can confirm that this happpens only when i browse into zedge i'm 100% that this doesn't happen with any other site so is it a problem with my pc or something to do with zedge pls give me solutions bcuz it's so irritating to see evrything in a small size i love zedge so pls help me out thanx

Quitter | 18.10.09, 20:04

Please remove this ad

you can use adblock plus extension...i think you all know about that. have tried but not working Give it another try..it works ..m 100% sure if adblock plus dont work then use simple adblock extension ..

Quitter | 11.03.14, 20:35

Deleted wallpapers why?

Has for part 1. I think the mods should PM the user and tell them why. For part 2; yeah it might be illegal but if that's the case I'll bet you I can find a number of examples here where it's already been done by simply selecting a set area of the image where the watermark isn't in which case the question legality is a moot point. 3. I can see where the author thing might be true for some of them but I'm 100% it isn't true for a good number of them. Go back and read some of my other post

wolf68k | 20.06.06, 00:01

Will you marry person above or not (2)

Nope. I'm 100% girl

Quitter | 07.02.08, 05:11

First impression of the person above (2)

elegant and urstoo...m 100% straight

Quitter | 06.02.08, 09:08

The Game VS 50 Cent

50 Cent I'm 100% sure

Quitter | 29.05.08, 22:18

wana sleep wid the person above u or no?

nah i'm 100% straight so no

Quitter | 21.09.08, 20:53

person above angel or devil?

devil boy I'm 100% both

Quitter | 29.09.08, 03:31

do u believe in ghosts....?

yeah, i belive in ghosts.. they are real and I'm 100% in that

Quitter | 30.06.06, 23:58

How old are you????? and whats you height???

i'm 4 years old and i'm 100 cm tall

Quitter | 08.08.06, 09:42

How Angry Are You?

I'm 100 % or maybe a little more

cota_4_only_1 | 25.03.08, 12:52

Yes or No (Part III)

WTF????? an indian??? I'm 100% pinay!!! next... a looser.... wahahahaha

Quitter | 25.08.07, 13:32

will u fall in love with person above u

Yes, I'm 100% Polish and a Yoes back 2 You

Quitter | 25.03.08, 20:51

Guess the next 3

I'm 100% dumb Next has a good habit of saving

Quitter | 17.07.10, 11:32

rate the person above Shout-Out

10/10 i'm 100% agree...it's the way i feel

Quitter | 09.02.08, 07:42

Is the person above hot or not 4

yeah she's hot.... don't get me wrong.. I'm 100% female! haha..

Quitter | 09.02.08, 17:49

How gay are you?

nooooo realy i'm 100% Gay BELEVE MEEEEE

Quitter | 15.11.06, 21:00

How to download music from Imeem

I don't think it's supposed to be possible.... I'm 100% sure it can be done, but not in a legal way.. So this is not the right forum for this..

Quitter | 26.01.09, 23:08

Transferring installed applications from one mmc to another

I'm 100% sure that 6630 is stereo. You can search for it. Also, see this discussion.

Quitter | 08.10.05, 18:46

how sexy is ur name

M=100 A=100 R=100 S=100 H=100 A=100 Sorry all Marsha wins again !!!!!

Quitter | 07.11.07, 21:12

all pinoy zedgers (Post here in English)

there ya go... keep up the good job.. i'll try to assist as much as i can... btw.. i'm 100% pinoy behind this copy and paste avatar of mine

Quitter | 05.02.07, 04:41

motorola foma m1000

can anyone help me how to unlock my phone? i had a motorola m100 and its said UIM not recognized.. can you help me with this one? thanks

johnlordv | 04.12.07, 11:35

what will u do if ur country in a war

I live in Holland but I'm 100% Turkish, and if Turkey was in war I would deffinitly go to Turkey to defend my country no matter what will happen to me... If Holland was in war I would go to Turkey too (I mean escape )

Quitter | 24.04.06, 20:25

Suggest a nickname for the person above

U gotta burn me to lemme know u hon i'm 100% straight so plz stop calling me *hon* bro! and if u wanna feel the heat, u better get ur gender changed LOL.

Quitter | 06.10.06, 20:12

Themes with Nokia N95 8GB

Who uses WAP/3G do download from here, unless he/she has unlimited transfer in connection? At least I use WLAN (I'm 100% sure there is free open hot spots in any town) to connect internet and download that way....

Quitter | 06.04.08, 08:22

General Chat Here

Don't know about her Wanted to ask her really but i could not ? Hay urstoo, How can u don't know the girl i told u about her Yet where to find the forbiden fruits, well im a stripper, so come to my place, ull see it, but not touch it Feuits... Stripper.. your Place Man i'm 100% will not touche it

Quitter | 26.10.07, 12:35

Born gay or a decision to be gay

from my experience.....u can't choose...it is just the way u feel...i'm 100% into men...but i did try to have sex with women..and i sort of failed(u kno wht i mean) Women are wonderful...i have a lots of common topics with women..and i hardly ever have problems to make a contact...but in sex...men are my priority...and can't choose to be hetero...i just love men..that's all...and from wht i remember..i always was into men...tht means..i always sticked to girlz....and all the boys in my class

Quitter | 02.11.06, 11:36

Zedge Deleting my themes - Again

It`s like the 8th theme Zedge is deleting from my profile, and with no certain reason. The same stupid e-mail where "it" announces me the "great" news. I`m 100% positive that my themes wern`t copyrighted or anything else,100% legal, and no different from others (brand names, posting category,etc). An ex is a theme made with my own pictures, taken by me posted in the right category .... but no. The bad thing is that the last 2 themes were my the top 2 most downloaded themes with an above

Quitter | 02.09.08, 19:28

R U Goth ???

I'm 100% Goth. http://www.blogthingsimages.com/areyougothquiz/goth-3.png You are clearly goth. Even if you don't consider yourself goth, other people do. Let's face it. You're a little moodier, darker, and weirder than most people. But that's okay. You enjoy being different, and you're proud of who you are. Many psychologists think that goths are more self aware and smarter than the average person!

Quitter | 25.07.11, 12:55
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