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You still got faith in the Knicks?

Coming from a die-hard and loyal Knicks fan, it hurts me to see my team playing like this at the moment. 3-9... jeez. But we can't stop fighting, we're gonna pull out of this. #knickstape all day. You guys still got faith in the Knicks?

iZinDiaN | 24.11.13, 18:08

one letter two words..

Knick Knacks. . . .

Quitter | 23.05.10, 04:18

Start with the End (2nd part)


Quitter | 01.08.08, 21:28

message for the person above you

There looks like a dent or knick on your hood by the left hand headlamp

Quitter | 22.12.06, 10:37

What T.V. show are you watching?

The Knick

Quitter | 27.01.15, 09:41

Happy B.Day Crissa!

shayan i have something better for she hehe n97

Quitter | 08.03.08, 01:26

Rap Game ;p

im back ur knick┬Ěknack u need some lack or ill stak ur back u smart or dum? wanna kiss my bum? u cant rhyme high moments like im so fly, no lie, nigga, use ya eyes skill or no skill, im at a different level in this field im the one whos gonna spit flows, you niggas better have your lips closed ;D

Quitter | 12.01.12, 17:26

New Word Game

prep text noon dod dad sass roar dead anthema hah wow kick mom ma'am madam pop gag grog tenet ease going growing grinning eagle tent defeted drowend kink damned encirle dreamed did devoted dovetailed america pop kook cock druied sluts rocker socks sits sinks slacks scunks sea monkeys seas anorexia deed rear colic madam toast eye blurb rumor sis that arabia barb erase gag taught Horseradish Stupendous twit ohio bob knick knack leathal blep alpha tack anna celtic baobab dud hush knock lull mum

Quitter | 14.08.07, 04:39

Good Football Chants?

... And Arsenal won fuck all! U.N.I.T.E.D United are the team for me. With a knick knack paddywhack Give a dog a bone Why don't City fuck off home?! Take me home, United Road To the place I belong To Old Trafford To see United Take me home, United Road When Johnny goes marchin' down the wing, O'Shea! O'Shea! When Johnny goes marchin' down the wing, O'Shea! O'Shea! When Johnny goes marchin' down the wing The Stretford End will fuckin' sing Coz we all know that Johnny's gonna score! Oh, Teddy Teddy! Signed

Quitter | 11.05.07, 21:58

Music vids (.3gp) greenleaf 'zedge.no'

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Quitter | 16.03.05, 21:57
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