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I didnt fin the new Katana II fron Sanyo

Quitter | 02.08.07, 05:25

Ringtone, Sprint, and Katana II help

alannawil | 16.07.08, 20:04

NEW: Zedge Mobile

hmm....worked great on my other phones...but for sprint on the new Sanyo Katana II....all I can do is view the wallpapers....but now download them. Any ideas??

Quitter | 17.07.07, 00:00

hello,i need help pls.

I have a Sanyo Katana II, i can see the wallpapers but not download them, why is that? I cant hear nor download ringtones eather.

ladyriokonobu | 20.06.08, 05:31

I'm having a download issue.

I have a Katana DLX (the upgrade of the Katana II) and I can make the ringtone with no problem. However, when I got to download it goes to the screen where it says "download now". The ringtone will play but the song won't save on my phone and it never leaves the "download now" screen. I have the sprint simply everything plan so I know it's not the service provider disabling me from downloading them. Please help if you can. P.S. My phone can support mp3 format.

AbsolutZeroGI | 30.08.08, 21:26

Guess the Next II

yes next knows how to work with KATANA

Quitter | 18.09.07, 17:12

Adding wallpaper to phone

Ok, I've been working on this for nearly 3 hours now, with no success. I did successfully send a Zedge wallpaper to my cell phone (Sanyo Katana II) and the picture shows up when I check my text messaging inbox. But how do I get it to show up as my new wallpaper? I've tried saving it to "my content," but after I did, the only options are reply via, or forward, or move, or lock or compose new, or sort by, or erase. I tried "move" and moved it to the inbox, but that didn't help. I've tried

Kaedee125 | 16.12.07, 23:52
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