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how many words can you create from 1!!!

Intrepid trip in pin dip pet pit tin die net end trend nex is- supermarket

Quitter | 15.10.08, 14:28

what do you wanna be when you grow up!!!

@PAULINAAA.... trust me sweet cheecks im a tour operator and i deal only with travel agents! its not nice at all! you dont really get to see the world you help others to see the world! most travel agents i deal with have never even crossed the south african borders! i would rather be a tour guide for gap or intrepid tours! they have amazing jobs! they get paid to see the world and you have great adventures while on the job! you have to be single though....

Quitter | 16.05.06, 09:18

Create Words ending in -ity .........

intercomprehensibility interconvertibility interfertility interfraternity interiority internality internationality interoperability interpretability intersexuality intersterility intersubjectivity intersubstitutability intertextuality interuniversity intervisibility intolerability intractability intransitivity intrepidity inutility invalidity invariability inverity inviability invincibility inviolability invisibility invulnerability ionicity irascibility irrationality irreality irreconcilability irreducibility

Quitter | 16.05.09, 17:33

David blaine ...what secrets?

think is on top now ?". With a bit of by-play re-enforce the idea that they are holding Aces-Hearts/Diamonds. Now for the crunch... Ask your assistant to examine the two cards, revealing - Two Black Queens !!!   For an alternative version see my Mystical Red Aces The Un-Dead ! Our intrepid street performer approaches a passer-by.... "Let me show you something strange", "It's bizarre !" He reaches towards a car windscreen and removes a dead fly... holding it carefully on the palm of his hand

Quitter | 13.12.04, 20:46
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