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Is your device not supported? Post here!

samsung instinct s30 sph-m810 not supported while the samsung instinct sph-m800 is. of course i have the s30 can ne one tell me how i can download rigntones to my phone instead of just loading

Quitter | 04.10.09, 01:08

sph-m810 instinct s30

xavefficacy | 01.12.09, 10:22

How long for support?

I actually have the new Instinct S30 or M810. I don't know if i can use the M800 for downloads? I know the internals of the phone are similar they just pretty much changed the looks.

Ray89Ac | 30.06.09, 01:58

Problem downloading ringtones

I can't seem to download anything on my samsung instinct s30. once i put the code in it doesn't give me an option to download. am i doing something wrong or is there something i'm not doing?

joywms | 18.09.10, 22:45

LG Rumor Reflex unable to download

Hello there Zedge forums. Need a bit of help, and I'm only somewhat desperate. My last phone (still on Sprint) was a Samsung Instinct S30 and I was able to use an uploader to get ringtones on it successfully. Now that I've upgraded to the LG Rumor Reflex LN272...I seem to have lost that ability. I tried a few things. Browsed to the ringtones I wanted here on Zedge and went to "Play / Save Ringtone" yet all that happens is a blank white screen appears and I hear the ringtone being played

shiden86 | 08.05.12, 16:14
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