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Galaxy S5 image size

The Zedge app is terrible man. Even the site is meh. I have to browse wallpaper in an incognito tab just so I can actually browse more than 8 wallpaper per category, as I also have an S5 and as far as Zedge is concerned nothing but 1080x1920 works lol. It's a damn shame ;\

Quitter | 29.04.14, 16:49

Galaxy Tab Isn't Charging..??

I Have An Galaxy Tab P1000 Earlier It Used To Charge Thru USB As Soon I Upgraded It Thru 2.3 GingerBread It Isn't Chargin Thru U.S.B..!! i Couldn't Understand Wat Is The Prob..?? Help Out..!! If Some 1 Can..??

emlondong | 16.04.12, 12:17

Help with Galaxy Tab bootloop problem

Did any of you Galaxy Tab (v10.1, 8.9, 7.7, or 7.0 Plus) owners experience this where your tab simply refuses to boot upon start-up or it just get stuck on the intro logo/animation for no apparent reason? Is there any way to fix this problem without doing a factory reset and wiping my data clean? I'm really trying to avoid this since i don't want to go through the pain of re-installing everything after a factory reset.

Fried_Kamote | 09.03.12, 08:17

Phone or tab ?

Samsing Ace and Galaxy the best

Quitter | 28.12.11, 12:47

Is your device not supported? Post here!

It would be nice to have Auto Rotation support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Right now, it's portrait only

Quitter | 25.01.12, 23:37

Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

galaxy tab has extra features

Quitter | 21.04.11, 01:15

iphone four differences with samsung tab

Wow Shaheerali, that's a really good answer! Think you've said everything that can be said! Just wanted to say we have an app for the Samsung Galaxy Tab (and all other Android phones/tablets). You can find it here: www.zedge.net/android. At the iPhone you can only access our mobile site.

Quitter | 13.10.11, 09:05

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3

Smart cell samsung tab

Quitter | 02.10.13, 13:24

My galaxy nexus keeps rebooting

I've encountered this boot looping error on my Galaxy Tab. It's a firmware error where the OS refuses to load properly. In my case it happened because i was fooling around with custom roms and apps that try to access and change the basic functions of my tablet. I had to flash the original manufacturer's rom to get it working again. It might not be a problem with your wifi but with apps (particularly those with root access) or a custom rom (if you load custom roms).

Fried_Kamote | 30.04.12, 02:37

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Upgrading to 2.3 on your phone is a manual process and I think your warranty will still be valid after. But I'm not completely sure you should contact your provider. Check here. You should open the audio file you want to set as your ringtone in the music player and set it from there. And the screen rotation is for easier use. Some things

Quitter | 22.08.11, 19:41

Need help for Samsung galaxy Young

Go to menu click the left button of your galaxy y touchpad. Click on edit now click to hold inbox in the menu and drag it back where you wish it to be. Dude Android dosent contain message icon in Menu window . thanks for telling.. by the way.. go to menu press left button of your galaxy y. click edit now u can move message option to menu. and hence can loose it from the default tab menu (which by default includes call

Quitter | 12.05.12, 07:03

sony xperia ion vs samsung galaxy s3

galaxy s3 was a flagship phone by samsung. with recent update to jellybean, it got multi-tab window, s-beam feature which can transfer files at 350 mbps using wifi interface. s3 is a light weight phone and samsung will sure update it with s4. s3 has amoled screen & gorilla glass 2. s3 uses micro sim, has more sensors. samsung's own Exynos chipset is best and fastest in market. xperia ion is good multimedia phone but i feel dual core phone will get outdated soon.

Quitter | 16.04.13, 12:50

What your favourtie phone?

Samsung galaxy tab

Quitter | 24.05.11, 07:13

your favourite gadget?

My Galaxy Tab

Quitter | 09.07.11, 21:21

what is your dream cellphone???

maybe Galaxy Tab

Quitter | 05.01.11, 22:00

What phone has good internet experience?

samsung galaxy tab

Quitter | 05.12.10, 07:33

which samsung's model is the best ?

samsung galaxy tab

Quitter | 10.03.12, 18:46

Friend or Foe II

friend Galaxy TAb

Quitter | 28.11.12, 19:09

Rapid Fire (Part-7)

Facebook Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab

Quitter | 26.11.12, 07:35

Yes or No #4

Not really Think Samsung Galaxy Tab is better than HTC Flyer

Quitter | 07.03.11, 14:03

Expensive smart phone

But galaxy tab or windows phone are better to gamer and net playes

Quitter | 22.04.13, 15:35

what is your next gadget???

After holding out amidst all the tablet bandwagon I'm considering purchasing a ...Galaxy Tab 8.9

Fried_Kamote | 16.01.12, 09:05

What do u think about N9?

Nokia n9 is the best phone in nokia. Its give challange to iphone 4, galaxy tab, and lg optimus 2x. And the smart operating system Meego. I love nokia phones.

Quitter | 10.07.11, 04:20

General Chat - 7

Nice Pic Marco Feeling the galaxy it's easy by using multiple tabs in same browser Lolz

Quitter | 08.03.14, 20:46

Difference Between Froyo & Gingerbread

Earlier I Was Havin 2.2 Froyo On Ma Samsung Galaxy Tab But Now I Upgraded It Too 2.3 Gingerbread..?? I Couldn't Feel Any Difference Just The Screen Menu Changes And The Battry Icon Turns Stanside..?? What Are The Effective And Usefull Effect Tooked Place Afta The Upgration..!! :o

emlondong | 18.04.12, 09:47

android tablet phone

I need to buy an android based tablet phone. which tablet phone is best? Samsung galaxt tab http://www.phonecurry.com/pics/phones/Samsung%20Galaxy%20Tab%20P1000%201.jpg or LG Optimus Pad http://newbestgadget.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/lg-optimus-pad.jpg

_Anbu_ | 18.06.11, 08:23

problem with my zedge app

i got a new phone about a week ago and it's the samsung galaxy nexus. the only problem i'm having with the app right now is if i go to the home tab there are only 587 wallpapers, about 500,000 ringtones and 85,000 notif sounds. i know this is not right. when i check back on my htc incredible it has the max amount, or the amount it should have, so i know it's not anything with the server. when i got my new phone i copied the zedge folder and placed it into the root of my phone (since it has

bbalcrazy92 | 11.02.12, 17:04

Nokia N9 or Nokia Lumia 800

've tried android on my sammy galaxy tab 7+ with a lot of apps installed on it but I didnt use most of it only some games, so app is not a problem for me. So which one should I go for, considering the best user experience, the best battery life and last but not least the best camera from these two phone, N9 or Lumia 800.

vivek00a | 05.03.12, 01:33

Wallpaper not optimized for your device

Ok I'm using the bluestacks android emulator for pc (though it emulates a Samsung Galaxy note, 800x1280 resolution, even google play thinks its this device) and have loaded the zedge app on it but when i download any wallpaper from the app and then open it through the downloads tab, I'm told its not optimized for my device even though i just downloaded it through the app 3 seconds earlier. The app will still set the image as wallpaper and the auto-change wallpaper functions still work

Phillyduck | 25.07.13, 16:35

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google's newest and best version of Android just became official at the Google-Samsung event in Hong Kong along with the Galaxy Nexus. And although it may seem like it, Ice Cream Sandwich is not just another update to Android but a way to curb some of the inherent issues with the OS, such as fragmentation, that have been plaguing it for a long time. Ice Cream Sandwich combines the tablet optimized Honeycomb and Gingerbread into a cohesive whole. The unification of the UI and APIs means

Quitter | 19.10.11, 13:39
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