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Help Zedge report bugs

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/5462/zdege.png i was using internet explorer 7

Quitter | 29.07.11, 06:09

Zedge Item View Feedback & Bug Report

Hello sir, I have two browsers,Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome.(i didn't find the version i'm truly sorry ) Google Chrome OS : I Really don't know how to get/find it...i'm truly sorry Here the bugs : Ringtones http://www.zedge.net/ringtones/4786/samsung-s5660-galaxy-gio-ringtones/ There's no icon/images on the ringtones wallpaper Just try to show the Awards and Badges There's no any bugs in TxTs...There's no themes to my phone Internet Explorer OS : I Really

Quitter | 01.06.12, 19:06

What would you change on Zedge

this computer box under the username/password boxes, and save the my account - home page to your internet's favourites, then when you open the site from there, you'll be automatically signed in That username and password thing is not problem of the site, is th e internet explorer, you better use the mozilla Firefox and just the first time you sing in it will promt you if you wanna to be remember and done, you just click the sing in link and you username and password are there

Quitter | 24.01.08, 11:46

Download problems and answers

some times broser like opera ,etc can give problem in upload or ur antivirus keeps block ur upload. use internet explorer 8. . . . .

Quitter | 09.12.09, 06:23

windows explorer 9 on win7

Internet Explorer 9 is still a BETA - you can't expect websites to always work in browsers that are still undergoing development.

bigbluechief | 14.10.10, 06:37

Internet Explorer 8 beta problem

Quitter | 17.09.08, 08:50

Internet Explorer Script Error

bamafan1973 | 07.02.09, 00:54

Internet Explorer 8.0 BETA Errors

if u r using the internet explorer 8 u should remove it and install the IE 7 untill this prob. solved

Quitter | 25.09.08, 07:52

Browsers, browsers and more browsers ...

google chrome inter net explore 7

Quitter | 31.05.11, 12:07

How to install games & apps on SE phones

making correction, "My phone explorer" application

Quitter | 20.05.07, 11:38

Computer Hardware or Software problems.

guys, i want to know how to block a website from internet explorer?

Quitter | 10.05.09, 13:12

S40, S60 or S80? find out here

s60 has a better interface through the explorer function

Quitter | 02.12.07, 22:10

General Chat - 8

There is a big problem in internet explorer, bad news for anyone living in 1995

Quitter | 01.05.14, 12:23

Introduce Yourselves Here

hey u all there, I m here 4 the same purpose ar u all r to make and explore friendship....... So let me help u get the goal.

Quitter | 30.12.10, 13:20

Post your jokes here

Three explorers are captured by a tribe in the Amazon jungle. The chief is going to punish the intruders. He calls the first explorer to the front of the tribe and asks, "Death or Booka?" The explorer doesn't want to die, so he opts for Booka. The tribe starts screaming BOOKA! and dances around wildly. The chief then rips the explorer's pants off and sodomizes him. The chief calls the second explorer to the front and asks, "Death or Booka?" Not wanting to die either, he opts

Geoff_999 | 18.01.11, 18:12

Share your smses here

He came at night, explored my body, got on top of me, touched me, he bit, sucked, swalowd, when he was satisfyed, he left, i was hurt, . . . BLOODY? MOSQUITO !!!!

Quitter | 24.04.10, 13:21

Questions for the mods

Hey every1. Im new here and unsure how to upload. When i try downloading i recieve 'page cannot be requested' I have been exploring but seem to go in circles...and getting frustrated. Any help wud be lovely. :x thank you

Quitter | 29.12.08, 02:07

Report Bad Forum Post

discussed many times : http://www.zedge.net/forum/t/33552/firefox-vs-explorer/ > deleted < Dup. topics : http://www.zedge.net/forum/t/25344/if-i-won-1-million-i-would/12/ & http://www.zedge.net/forum/t/33526/win-1-million/1/#p9

Quitter | 22.05.07, 13:24

Put Ur Theme Request Here

need samsung metro s3310 themes...cant find it anywhere plz help u need to use tk explorer n visit http://www.s3310.co.cc/search?updated-min=2010-01-01T00:00:00%2B05:30&updated-max=2011-01-01T00:00:00%2B05:30&max-results=50

Quitter | 06.05.10, 08:29

Funny gifs here

Quitter | 13.06.08, 09:33

Skins, Themes and Motorola

Hi all... Modding Motorola phones is the best time pass... Themes for almost all Motorola phones can be changed... Skins for Razr v3i can be found in modmymobile.com (this site contains more stuff for P2K phones like V3i and Linux phones like E8)... Themes, games and other stuff for E8 can be found on motorolafans.com... More E8 stuff on mmus.us... Other sites like livemodding.com, mofun.ru also host awesome stuff for Motorola phones... Explore sites, Mod your Motorolas and Enjoy...

Quitter | 29.07.11, 06:09

Zedge Games Help

Hi, I have Samsung u900 soul and I followed this method in installing games from YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuuuws2EDmA) but I still couldn't open the games in my phone Any users of this phone who figure out how it open after following that method? Thanks, it would be a big help EDIT: Nevermind, I got it working! Sorry for posting this. Ok I used the TKFileExplorer and followed this method here:

Quitter | 01.01.10, 15:49

.rar/.zip to .sis/.jar

should also give you a context menu for extraction there itself. Your file should now be visible at the point of extraction, transfer over/install to your phone and enjoy. If you have WinRAR/WinZip already on your PC, skip to step 3 download blueftp in your phone you can use it to extract zip files. Or if your phone belongs to s60 use E-Xplorer that application can extract any item.

Quitter | 23.01.11, 00:23

S60 3rd Edition - remove themes

Quote of user: alien_being i've seen issues with removing themes on some symbian series 60 v3 devices, so here's what you do to remove the theme. bit round-about, but it's your best best. here's what you do... 1) simply plug in your phone to your pc/mac and switch to the mass storage mode or use a card reader that allows you to browse thru your memory card...whatever ur comfortable with 2) now, open up the memory card as located under windows explorer/ my computer/ finder and browse

Quitter | 29.06.09, 14:16

File explorer

Where can i get file explorer on wap i need it so bad but the olny way i can get the file is wap so someone out there please help me!!!!!!!

momowewen | 26.12.04, 04:24

File explorer

Where can i get file explorer on wap i need it so bad but the olny way i can get the file is wap so someone out there please help me!!! like just give me the wap link please u dont know how bad i need it

momowewen | 26.12.04, 04:25

BB codes ?

Firefox is another web browser just like Internet Explorer.......

Quitter | 21.01.07, 20:07

Bookmark a zedger

The actual option you have to bookmark the persons profile you are lookin at. Not through your explorer but through Zedge

Quitter | 07.06.06, 14:10

band nokia ad !!!

hmmmm! try a different internet explorer! the hello! might come back but your pics should be there!

Quitter | 06.12.06, 22:15

Zedge is slow

in my connection zedge is working gud and i think it is also depends upon what internet explorer are u using and the speed of ur internet

Quitter | 11.07.10, 08:17
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