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Droid Incredible ll

I just got my Droid Incredible II last week and I love it. Any body know of awesome apps to add?

Quitter | 31.07.11, 05:08

HTC Incredible, Droid X, or Droid 2?

snuffer104 | 18.10.10, 03:53

wallpaper/ringtones won't download

I'm having a problem downloading from the Zedge app on my Droid Incredible. I get the error "Unsuccessful Download (file name)". I've installed and reinstalled several times. Any insight? My friend has the same phone and it works for her, and my husband has the Droid X and it works for him.

sel416331 | 26.08.10, 13:53

DL a Ringtone uploaded to Site from app?

Hi, sorry, new user and I have no idea where to really post this. I wanted Navi from LoZ saying "Hey! Look!" as my notification sound, but all the ones I have found on the app were too quiet, so I went and created my own. I have tried saving it on my phone itself, (under.ogg and .mp3) but it wont work at all. So, I went to use the app on my Droid Incredible to do it... However, I can't find it at all. I have it uploaded to ringtone since I didn't see a Notification Sound option on the site

madshehatter | 24.06.11, 01:00

Best Android phone of 2010

HTC Droid Incredible

Quitter | 05.05.11, 03:47

Which Android based phone do you have?

I have the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate! I so love this phone, I use to be a owner of the HTC Incredible I just recently converted to droid after being a blackberry lover.

Quitter | 01.01.11, 06:02
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