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Droid Razr Maxx downloads are too big

The resolution requirements for the Razr Maxx are too large and my phone is forcing me to crop nearly half the wallpaper. Can someone help me figure a why to use the entire image for my background so I'm not having to crop all the good stuff out

Ghamorra | 24.05.12, 00:27

Files will not Load Droid Razr Maxx

Hey all, My droid died on me and it was replaced with the exact same phone i took all the zedge files in the folder dumped them into the new phone and hit the restore button for zedge but some of my backgrounds don't load they instead don't show up in zedge and make a .ign file in the folder with same name as the original file (which is still there). Now these pics worked on my other phone with the same version OS 4.1.2 and the same exact device. Any ideas why these few pics won't load when

mikeseruya | 13.04.13, 00:44

Droid 4 Zedge app freezing?

Bump. Anyone? I went to the Verizon store and installed Zedge on their Droid 4 demo unit as well as their Droid RAZR MAXX demo unit, and the same thing happened, meaning it's a software issue. Those phones are very popular so I am surprised nobody else has mentioned the problem?

deltawoLf | 15.04.12, 05:13

Razr Maxx Saving Ringtones to SD Card

I have a Droid Razr Maxx with an SD card installed. It's mounted and the phone uses it fine for syncing media files. However all ringtones that I obtain using Zedge are stored on the phone internal memory. I cannot find a Zedge setting to set the SD card as the default storage location. If I move the Zedge ringtone folder to the SD card, then Zedge no longer "sees" the ringtones and I cannot use them as a Zedge ringtone. One of the permission descriptions implies that downloads can

Razrmaxxdad | 23.05.12, 00:58

App won't sync favorites from web.

I marked some tones as favorites on the Zedge web site, but they won't sync to the app on my phone, a Droid Razr Maxx on verizon. I've probably tried 50 times. They synced right away on my Nexus 7, but when I choose sync from the app menu on the phone, the menu just closes and nothing else happens. Please help.

krwudtke | 22.10.12, 02:30

App and site don't sync

I'm having the same issue, but in the opposite direction. I marked tones as favorites on the web page, but my Droid Razr Maxx won't sync them to the app. I really don't want to try and find them again on my phone. Please help.

krwudtke | 21.10.12, 21:34
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