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Is your device not supported? Post here!

my device pantech crux..is not supporting anything

Quitter | 15.06.12, 11:53

pantech crux games what am i doing wrong

new to site and trying to learn how to download games to my pantech crux phone,says they are compatible,,but im doing something worng,,just cant get it...

Lil1ragamuffin | 15.08.11, 02:50

Guideline clarifications please?

here or the fact that I had my walls pulled. I admire the fact that you folks acted with such swiftness to see to a potential breech of the rules. My problem is that in the final email I got from the admin staff there was a warning about repeated offences leading to a ban from the site. I don't want that to happen and this leads to the crux of my problem. I'm now paranoid about posting any uploads whatsoever in the babes section. I have read your terms of service and to put it mildly they are more

Kiwiwolf | 01.09.09, 22:59

Help unlocking 3220b

Thank you for the code, but when I enter the number it doesn't do anything, what else do I do You need to put the sim that the phone is locked too to unlock this phone, you also need to change some settings in the crux program for this too unlock.

Quitter | 21.08.05, 14:44

K750i memory cards

Sorry the crux of my problem is this.... i have connected to the phone to the Mac then draged and BT tunes over to the phone and the computer keeps putting a DS store on the Card as well as a duplicate of the song that does not play nb i cant delete the ds stores or the duplicates of the card, so wanting to start again and not wanting to buy another Mem card is there a way of erasing the contents of the card clean?.

minivan | 07.10.05, 12:48

Correct settings to unlock your phone or help others

NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator has and updated version 4. I has been renamed to World Unlock Codes Calculator by Crux v4.0 http://en.soft4gsm.com/ScreenShot/24010.JPG Download from the link below: http://www.geocities.com/benof...orldUnlock4.zip

Quitter | 12.01.06, 22:27

Alchemy .... true potter fans know this stuff

did not tend to make things any more clear. The beginner must also acquire a thorough knowledge of the manner in which metals grow in the bowels of the earth. These are engendered by sulphur, which is male, and mercury, which is female, and the crux of alchemy is to obtain their seed - a process which the alchemist philosophers have not described with any degree of clarity. The physical theory of transmutation is based on the composite character of metals, and on the existence of a substance which

Quitter | 14.12.04, 15:10

let us talk about this...can you?

make the sign of the cross when we begin the Benedictus and the Magnificat, because they are Gospel canticles, and the Gospel stands for Christ Himself. In the library of Sant'Anselmo in Rome, a place where I spend a good deal of time, there is a fine mosaic floor showing the cross of Christ, surrounded by the words: Ave Crux, Spes Unica. Hail O Cross, our only hope! The cross of Christ is indeed our only hope -- there is salvation in no other name. So when we make

puerbonus | 09.01.08, 13:09
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