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3g peasy?

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Quitter | 03.05.05, 00:18

E63 or iNQ Chat 3G? plz reply

I'm looking for a better internet phone..for general internet use--surfing,downloading...etc these phones are nearly the same and have left me confused.... Which is better Nokia E 63 or iNQ Chat 3G...??? plz does iNQ Chat 3G have a better connectivity..?? your suggestions are welcome

strassmann | 29.08.10, 18:20

General Chat - Part 5

why not u try a 3G network then

Quitter | 29.05.13, 05:43

General Chat - Part 4

yep dats rite and u use 3G now rite ?

Quitter | 20.03.13, 13:50

Chat chat chat

That solely depends if u r a nokia or a SE fan....... (i believe) and yes, except this so called N-series, all other SE's have been rich in features... the t630, k700, s700, w800 to name a few... whereas nokia has been first in EDGE and 3G phones whare SE lags behind...

Quitter | 15.06.05, 18:22

General Chat - 7

I guess from now on i will come here only when i feel bored Comedy movies like escape, insidious, dhoom 3, k3g and all you know

Quitter | 21.01.14, 09:01

General chat (4)

nuh Shayan.. better Trish... trish babe.. will you be a house maid?? sexy one.. papi.... where is our pizza??? http://www.youtube.com/v/InA3gIWBNMo&hl=en&autoplay=1 here i come

Quitter | 23.03.08, 22:25

General chat continue

Quitter | 02.01.11, 16:21

Gmail Voice chat application nokia n73

As Per My Knowledge....there is no video chat app provided by google....u can always chk with third party apps with s60 forums....apart frm that only the in-built app for video calling or chatting can be used on availability of 3G service providers

Quitter | 28.07.09, 09:11

General Chat Here

I'm no mobile expert. I wasn't chosen as a mod for being a mobile expert, but as far as I know, N73 has a 3.2 Mpx camera, not 2 Mpx. It can be compared to SE K800 (3G) or SE K790 I think. I don't know about its price, and if I'm wrong about comparing those two models please correct me. There is a topic about N73 vs. K800 here If 2.0Mpx camera is ok for you go for W810, or the new W610/W660 As far as I know, SE

Quitter | 07.05.07, 04:37

email validation problem

i had save my email properly, but in zedze chat, there is a problem in email validation,how i can validate my made email for my (samsung gt s3370 star nano 3g)phone.

ahirnandlal | 18.01.12, 17:24

help about samsung ch@t 322

currently i am using GPRS network. can anyone please tell how do i get into EDGE network !!!! do i require any setting for EDGE network?? Reply me soon if possible Regards Ashim Goldar Bro edge is not a software.. its a hardware technology like 3g. its an updated version of GPRS. So it doesnt matters u r in a 2g zone or 3g zone. ur phone should support edge or else u will get gprs speed only.. moreover samsung chat 3222 does not suport edge. so u have

Quitter | 16.08.11, 00:36

Nokia nseries!!!

Theres some new 3G phones from Nokia which is Nseries, I never heard about Nseries.... Some of them got, Carl Zeiss camera 2 megapixels, 4gb, WLAN, Bluetooth, 2 screens!!!! They can record as VHS quality! 20x zoom. And the chat camera. Nokia N70 Nokia N90 Nokia N91 They will be released in the end of 2005. The design is very cool too, I like the N90 and N91 best, N90 is the coolest!

MatsDjR | 27.04.05, 11:43

how to use IM in my cel

That's a network dependent feature. Contact your network provider for info. You can also use ebuddy mobile. It's a java-based application you can use to access your MSN, AOL, or YM account and chat via GPRS/3G. You can download it here. It's free. http://www.ebuddy.com/mobile.php

Quitter | 24.10.07, 00:42

fast browser for k750?pls

Opera Mini is the fastest non-OS based browser. Unless you have a 3G capable phone, the speed wont get any faster.... tnx for your help can u tell me some free yahoo.google chat pls i have ebuddy but i can't change my status and leave messege for ofline freinds

Sae13 | 29.12.07, 08:35

k800i help needed!

Yeah, i hardly use the CD that came with my SE phone too But there are functions there that arent on MPE. So check it out. As for the crystal case...it wont protect the cam cover since you need to be able to access it. At least it does what it's supposed to do; protect the lens. And for the messanger...i haven't tried any yet. I just usually use Yahoo! Mobile via WAP to chat (in some countries that charge higher prices for GPRS/EDGE/3G access this isn't practical...). I'm still

Quitter | 16.03.07, 13:12

Sony Ericsson Naite complete review!

.6Mbps and Edge too. Has threaded sms support so you can chat just like online messengers! Email support is present and its setup is too easy even for noobs! The main and most important thing is that Naite supports multitasking,so you can read emails,minimise,play songs,play games,minimise games and resume emails/sms/ again! Howz that ? Talktime is close to 14hours on 2G,Music playback for 34 hours. There is even the geo-tagging feature which if enabled tags your camera pics to the exact

nakulp69 | 12.10.10, 09:26

Sony Ericsson NAITE (J105i) review..

threaded sms support so you can chat just like online messengers! Email support is present and its setup is too easy even for noobs! The main and most important thing is that Naite supports multitasking,so you can read emails,minimise,play songs,play games,minimise games and resume emails/sms/ again! Howz that ?

nakulp69 | 12.10.10, 09:15

3GP? Nokia n95 applications?

As 3G phone is well entrenching on the realm of conventional handset market, watching movie on-the-go has become a kind of fashion. It has been some days since the 3G network got set up in many countries, and many of the public, especially the pop chasers (I?m not one of them, frankly) really enjoy it, coz it offers a freshly higher speed for surfing the web. As we bring any type of 3GP cell phone, browsing web pages, downloading blocks of files, having visual chat with our hot friends

brightU | 06.05.08, 09:55

Nokia 6630 review

& IMAP4. Excellent loudspeaker Navigator WAP, XHTML, WML et HTML RealPlayer Advanced contacts database Excellent RF My precense Chat Stereo AAC/MP3 player Xpress-on facias Negative points Only 1 camera while being a 3G phone Photocall size ridiculous No infrared No protection whatsoever for the camera lens No mirror for autoportraits Only DualVoltage RSMMC compatible No FM radio ------------------------------------ sorry i cant remember the link where i got these information from but i think

bigevil600 | 01.02.05, 10:33
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