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is nokia c2-03 is good

nokia c2-03 is not a good phone

Quitter | 02.11.11, 09:01

Nokia C2-03 , i need help please ..

?Hi How are you all ? i have a big trouble with my C2-03 i cant find any full screen theme for this phone every theme i download have a white place in the menu screen can anyone tell me where i can get full screen themes for c2-03 ?

tr0uble_b0y | 18.10.12, 12:05

C2-03 browser conflicting application

How to fix c2-03 browser due to c0nflicting applicati0ns? I did restore fact0ry settings to bring bAck my old browser. N0thing changed. Help

pam89 | 19.04.12, 05:51

memory problem in nokia c2 03

even i hav the same problem..i m using NOKIA c2-03.. the device memory is 7.6mb.. all my messages are getting stored in my device memory.. is there any way to change my msg memory to my memory card (4 gb).. because i m unable to send messages.. everytime i try to send a msg, my mobile gives me a notification tat memory needed, delete some data.. but i m unable to delete any of the predefined apps or tones or anythng.. what can i do? In my Nokia C2-03 i can't applying

Quitter | 15.12.11, 11:45

Help choosing a new phone

Yeah touch and QWERTY at the same time i know its crazy okie Thanks X2-01 (1) Champ (0) C2-03 (0)

showstoppe1991 | 16.10.11, 16:08

Which is the best phone for MOM's ?

Nokia C2-03 or Nokia Asha 305 ?? What do you think which is the best Phone for MOM's?? OR if you have any new phone in Mind pls tell......

Kumaranil1918 | 06.08.12, 00:11
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