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Blackberry Bold 9700

you cant compare the iPhone to the Blackberry because they are completely different devices... but i was stuck in the same boat as you.. i had the choice between the iPhone or Blackberry Bold 9700... I went for the Bold... the best phone ever.

Quitter | 27.05.10, 18:26

REQUESTS - your wallpaper requests here

I have tried, to no avail, using my photoeditor android app, photoscape, and paint (I don't have photoshop) to take http://www.blackberryforums.com.au/gallery/files/2/bold_9700_onyx_oem_wallpaper-67.jpg that pic and make it acceptable to be a good smartphone wallpaper (at least 720p). I tried simply resizing it gets mad pixelated. Can someone please figure out a way to make this pic hi-def? thanks!

Quitter | 04.02.13, 17:07

vidieos... ..... .....

Hey...... Is it possiable 2 upload a video from BB Bold 9700........

_Sherwin_ | 10.10.10, 13:31

cant find ring tones

couple years ago i got a bb flip phone and downloaded a couple ringtones for it from Zedge the game of love bring me to life i now have a bb bold 9700 iv'e looked everywhere on Zedge for these 2 ringtone but cant find them i emailed the ringtones from my flip to my bold but they just sound like crap is there anyway i can re download them for my bold 9700 i really like the ringtones and want to keep using them

rskiley | 30.06.10, 02:27

Who's got a Blackberry?

bb bold 9700

Quitter | 16.08.10, 00:46

which model is better to buy

Well, I would say Blackberry pearl the new one, bold 9700... or iPhone 4....

Quitter | 14.10.10, 15:02

BBM profile problem

Dear Guys, i bought new Blk Berry Bold 9700, but in Blk Berry messenger i cannot open and edit my profile in formation, is there any help how i can modify my profile in BBM . pl z

taheer11 | 13.05.10, 11:38

Sending BlackBerry Pictures To iPhone4?

Can I send pictures from my BlackBerry Bold 9700 to my iPhone4? or Do I have to do it over my MacBook? (Laptop)

Quitter | 09.01.11, 19:03

Which phones have u used till date ??

Samsung N400 CDMA Kyocera 2345 Nokia 6225 Samsung M500 Samsung Sync Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack II Samsung Epix BB Curve 8300 BB Bold 9000 BB Bold 9700 LG Phoenix HTC Inspire 4G Motorola Atrix 4G Motorola Photon iPhone 4S Sprint GS3 T-Mobile GS3 *AT&T Galaxy S3

Quitter | 09.12.12, 14:43
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