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Lack of wallpapers on my Atrix

So my wife has an HTC Legend and has over 20,000 different wallpapers to choose from. I have the Motorola Atrix 4G and for some reason I only have 775 or something like that. Is this a bug or some sort of known issue? I tried to do some research online and was unsuccessful. Thanks in advance.

pcbrown82 | 19.09.11, 02:58

Rooting Motorola Atrix 2

I have Motorola Atrix 2 running ICS (Android 4.0.3). I want to root it. Can anyone please tell me how can I root my phone?

rohitrocks313 | 06.01.13, 06:39

uploads from phone

Can I upload a song from my phone? Its a motorola atrix? If not someone upload crazy girl by eli young band! Please!!

Plbr143 | 07.10.11, 03:20

How to download to SD card

Just FYI Motorola Atrix HD runs Android 4.0 software. ... upgrades such as the ATRIX 2 will still have the option to save apps to SD card since it does not ... update on any Android phone you cannot move applications to the SD card. According to Motorola.com this feature was built in as a default not to store the apps on the SD card with ICS for this phone since it comes with 4.0.4 and the older phones that upgrades such as the ATRIX 2 will still have the option to save apps to SD

Quitter | 15.02.13, 00:16

Funny or lame jokes and pictures

Here u go http://img378.imageshack.us/im...atrix1ux.th.gif

Quitter | 06.11.05, 15:16

Do 3G handsets make Heat dissipation ?

it's true for my nokia 5320 . . . it's heated up after one hour of downloading . . . & if you have a good budget go for nokia n8,e7,c7 or Motorola ATRIX

Quitter | 04.04.11, 04:53

best Android phones?

1 samsung galaxy s2 2 htc sensation 3 moto atrix 4 lg optimas 3d 5 htc evo 3d 6 lg optimas 2x 7 samsung galaxy s 8 sonyericson xperia arc 9 google nexus s 10 sonyericson xperia play

Quitter | 29.04.11, 14:10

Which phones have u used till date ??

Samsung N400 CDMA Kyocera 2345 Nokia 6225 Samsung M500 Samsung Sync Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack II Samsung Epix BB Curve 8300 BB Bold 9000 BB Bold 9700 LG Phoenix HTC Inspire 4G Motorola Atrix 4G Motorola Photon iPhone 4S Sprint GS3 T-Mobile GS3 *AT&T Galaxy S3

Quitter | 09.12.12, 14:43

which company phone withstands battery

It's not just company phone but model too. Smart phones eat battery like crazy so avoid them and you can possibly get something that will last a week. The Razr MAXX sounds like the best right now but I doubt it will last a month unless you just never use it. My Atrix isn't that bad either with the stock OS.

Quitter | 02.07.12, 01:10

Share Your Desktop Wallpapers

http://img206.exs.cx/img206/56...atrix9qw.th.jpg I'll post some more.... You Zedgers also post i am waiting....

Sugardude | 13.02.05, 13:03

Samsung Captivate I897Gingerbread Update

result in each device requiring a separate update which will vary in timing. The AT&T smartphones planned for a Gingerbread update are: HTC Inspire 4G LG Phoenix Motorola ATRIX 4G Pantech Crossover Samsung Captivate Samsung Infuse 4G

Quitter | 27.07.11, 17:57
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