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Computer Hardware or Software problems.

Which best video card For PC(WIN 7) First option is NVIDIA GeForce 9400/9500/9600 1GB graphics card or you may alternatively try ASUS graphics cards(they work quite well!!). Don't go for ATIs because they still have some compatibility issues.

Quitter | 02.07.11, 00:52

error in adding playlist from imeem


DjTiger | 14.03.07, 07:40



Quitter | 08.06.10, 01:54

3G On pc...

that's a helluva lot better that 9600... and it's portable... it'll do... thanks guys...

TrueTenacity | 08.07.06, 19:11

Take it or leave it

Take It . . . .

Quitter | 21.06.09, 18:03

few config suggestions....

btw heres a full review of the newest 9 series card http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/21/nvidia_geforce_9600_gt/ hope ya enjoy folks

deltadmz | 25.02.08, 20:40

Mp3 compressor...?

Im using nero wave editor u can set whatever u want...im making 9600 stereo mp3s but sometimes it sounds too mean what compression u do?

Quitter | 05.11.05, 16:06

What country are you?!

You Are Denmark Well known for your happiness, you live a high quality life. You are compassionate, articulate, and polite. You tend to be quite reserved. You prefer to be around those you know best. You value equality. Modest and humble, you

Quitter | 23.10.08, 13:18

Nvidia lovers.... ...

I'm an ATIst (9600 XT 128), and you're right, their products are just good. If one day I change my graphic card it'll certainly be a nVidia. Talking about the SLi but wait for ATi's CrossFire, technicaly it's supposed to be better than the SLi.

Quitter | 28.04.06, 09:51

gaming woes. help needed

Judging By ur Image i think You are Using Lots Of software itunes,Aol,Msn Etc Try Uninstalling Unwanted applications You will See 100% Result This same thing happened 2 me when I was playing NFS Carbon for the 5th time , I could play about 1 hour and then it crashes 2 desktop saying about an error......Its couse my graphic card is ATI Radeon 9600 pro 256 MB.....Well , I must say it has its own glitches....anyway , could it be that the game itself has an error

Ozzie | 05.06.07, 15:25

Share internet with PC through Motorola

It is possible but why would you want to? The connection is only 9600bps.. slower than slow, not to mentio nthe data charges you may get if your plan charges you for connections. If you are dead set on trying it, download the motorola USB dirvers (http://www.driverguide.com/) and/or let Windows detect your phone as a modem.

Quitter | 09.11.06, 21:26

Number of Characters in SMS

the prob is not limitation.. the limit for new SE phones is 9600 which is.. let's say.. astronomical!.. let alone enough. the thing is.. I want to know how much every message is going to cost me before I send it.. and, cut my legs and call me shorty, if I will pay for two or three messages, just because a "." or "?" got me into the second message.. when I could shorten one word, or delete a character or two, and pay HALF! this is such an obviously basic feature for SE to incorporate in ALL

xMothx | 25.05.07, 04:31

Change avatar or not (part 5)

change it

Quitter | 27.01.10, 15:49

Need for speed The Run

NFS Most Wanted is all time fav game in nfs series. recently i played The Run , its was Awesome ! i really felt lyk travelling to San Fransisco sad thing to say, i completed the entire The Run in very low gfx quality my Nvidia 9600 GF failed to run that run in low resolution bt finally i completed

Quitter | 31.03.12, 06:23

Bluetooth on Nokia 6230 for internet

Mac or PC? If your phone has been paired to your computer already then just go into the bluetooth set up and select the option to use your mobile as a modem. As far as I know it will default to a connection via GPRS, you can change it to dial up (sometimes) but then it will only connect at 9600 baud anyway so it would be pointless to use as an internet connection. You can also use the create a new internet connection wizard (in dial up connections if PC running wndows) to auto set up your

Quitter | 23.05.06, 00:39

Desktop Vs Laptop Which is Da Best?

well i have always been in favour of the desktop pc....easier to upgrade, less expensive and more powerful..and i agree with hannibalxx that laptop is not a replacement for a desktop. but these days laptops are appearing that have the ability to run next gen games but then again i guess games also depend on what kind of graphics card you are using and not the processor alone...i say this bcoz i have an amd sempron 1500mhz, 512 ram and 9600 pro radeon card ( which happens to support full hdr

Quitter | 03.10.06, 06:37

Your PC specs (and pics!)

A seriously old one but....still at it A dual Boot running XP and Ubuntu ubuntu Feisty Fawn EPOX motherboard Intel Pentium 4 HT 2,8 GHz 512 MB ram 256 ATI Radeon 9600 LG CD-rw and a Samsung's +/-DVD Samsungs 80 GB HDD +a secondary Western Digital 6GB for Ubuntu

Quitter | 27.07.07, 19:36

Which phones have u used till date ??

Nokia Don't remember the model # just know it was big and yellow!!! LOL!!! Nokia ? same as above on model but it was a gold flip phone Nokia 5162 or 5126?? LG 1200? Moto 262 Moto Razr Moto Krazr Moto Rokr Moto L7 Moto Razr 2 BlackBerry World Edition BlackBerry Curve LG Rumor Moto Hint LG vx9600 Versa in use today!!!! My favs have been the Moto Razr 2 and I would have to say the LG Versa... I liked both black berries just because of the push content with my email and message... but neither

Quitter | 05.02.10, 20:02

open the internet in computer by phone

hi guys i just want to ask if i can connect my computer with my phone motorola razr v3i modem to open the internet on my computer by anyway i have already a WAP service on my phone in advance........... thanks for helping me You could, it would be rather pointless as the speed would be very slow, mobiles dial up access is no faster thah 14.4k and typically connects at 9600, If you get Motorola Phone Tools and you have a service such as T-Mobiles edge, then you

Quitter | 27.09.06, 22:03

Nokia N93 or SE P990i or I-Mate Jas Jam?

Some Mobile Fanatics Please Help Me In Choosing A Set From 1. Nokia N93 2. Sony Ericsson P990i 3. Imate Jasjam Which 1 is best? (Im really confused - each has its own unique features) For ur Info I shd Tell u that dis r same fones HTC Hermes / HTC TyTN / O2 XDA trion / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / Vodafone 1605 VPA Compact III / Orange SPV M3100 / Dopod CHT 9000 / Dopod 838 Pro / hTc Z / Qtek 9600 / i-Mate JasJam / Cingular 8525 / Swissom XPA v

Quitter | 20.10.06, 02:06

International gprs settings

.168.071.035 -Authentication: Normal -Data call type: ISDN -Data call speed: 9600 -Username: Orange -Password: Multimedia -Data Call type: ISDN -Web Site: www.orange.co.uk

careem10 | 29.08.05, 07:21

i nid sugestion in making a comp

guys what about this specs i have researched on is this good also?? here are the specs that i have researched on: Processor - Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor QX6800 Motherboard - Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 Video card - ATi Radeon™ X1950 Graphics 256 Memory - Kingston DDR2 (PC2-9600) 1GB Hard drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 PATA 3.0Gb/s 160-GB - ST3160815A Optical drive - ASUS CB-5216A Combo Drive Monitor - Samsung - LCD - Digital LCD - Digital Power Supply - Asus A-45GA

shadow029 | 23.05.07, 09:35

need help regarding buying phone..

...Nokia E90 has 800x352pixel screen,3D graphics accelarator and 16 million color!! and no one can beat it...and before ages when the screens was just 128x128 or 176x208 as a standard Nokia use 640x200 in 9600 Communicator,so common. They are the BEST all the time.

Quitter | 18.11.08, 22:59

Rate the above persons profile IV

1/10 - it's empty

Quitter | 24.10.09, 11:04

summer or winter

definitely WINTER

Quitter | 04.05.10, 17:26

Suggest a job 4 the person above u part4

chemistry teacher

Quitter | 09.12.09, 16:27

keep one drop one

really glamorous

Quitter | 01.07.09, 08:32

Yes Or No? - LoL (part 2)

no do boys love you?

Quitter | 01.09.10, 09:22

connecting a 6600 to a pc using an irda dongle

. Just follow the steps below : 1. Connect the USB-to-IrDA adapter to your PC. 2. Install the necessary drivers. If you're on XP, this step shouldn't be required. 3. Open up the "Control Panel" and select "Wireless Link" 4. Click on the "Hardware" tab. 5. Select your IrDA device and hit the "Properties" button. 6. Click the "Advanced" tab. 7. Now under the property "Max. Connection Speed", choose the value "9600". 8. Hit OK, and you should be good to go! That's it. Now, fire up your Infra

nuwy | 11.02.05, 17:42

Top 5 people of ur liking!!

One http://www.tvoje.cz/media/67e8...0b0d065eda4.jpg Two http://planete.qc.ca/quisuisje...io-banderas.jpg Three http://www.poster.net/pitt-bra...itt-6200477.jpg Four

CrashBoomBang | 12.03.06, 13:37
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