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Nokia 3600slide dvd player

Where i get avi or dvd player for my nokia 3600slide.

mn82db | 16.01.10, 08:15

virus problem in nokia 3600(slide)

sathya1987 | 24.12.08, 16:45

Get security master code for nokia here

I need security code for nokia 6085 and 3600slide

Quitter | 22.11.09, 16:03

need nokia 3600 slide security code

hey ive forgotten my security lock code of Nokia 3600 slide. My phone isn't locked but i want to change its code.... plz tell me how can i change its existing security code? i already tried security code calculators but when i go in the option of the phone which says "change security code' and put the code over there it says code error... plz help me figure this thing out... my IMEI number is 355706024966205 thanks...

muji6300 | 26.06.10, 13:31

S40, S60 or S80? find out here

where is my 3600 slider Please read post #1. Nokia 3500 slide is S40 5th Edition. To be exact it's Series 40 5th Edition Feature Pack 1. I meant 3600 Slide There's no 3500 Slide so far.

Tincho_DJ | 19.09.09, 16:11

there is a problem

in 3600 slide nokia phn is supporting a themes as it says theme has been corrupted

Quitter | 29.05.09, 06:59

What's the first phone you ever had ?

nokia 3600 slide

Quitter | 02.10.09, 17:53

Which is your favorite nokia phone?

In anytime 3600 slide .. .

Quitter | 01.01.12, 13:29

do you love the phone you have now

I'm happy with my Nokia 3600 slide at the moment

Quitter | 14.08.09, 22:07

Online theme creator

How can i create online mobile themes for my nokia 3600 slide

Manik6808 | 11.03.11, 16:10

How long have you had your phone?

Got my nokia 3600slide 2years back recently another one BB world edition. .

Quitter | 17.09.11, 03:12

Show us your phone!!!

thats mine

Quitter | 01.12.08, 01:16

Can u Youtube

Nokia 3600 Slide. A symbian 40-series phone. Youtube's mobile site works very well with fast connection.

Quitter | 13.05.10, 17:00

Looking for a New Phone for $240

I am Looking for a New Phone for $240 - $180 Or Rs. 12000 - either Nokia Or Sony Ericson I am considering these phones Either ..... Nokia - N73 ME Nokia - 3600 Slide Nokia - 7610 Supernova Sony Ericsson - K790i Any ideas ???

AD6987 | 25.09.08, 23:09

Looking for a New Phone for $240

I am Looking for a New Phone for $240 - $180 Or Rs. 12000 - either Nokia Or Sony Ericson I am considering these phones .... Either ..... Nokia - N73 ME Nokia - 3600 Slide Nokia - 7610 Supernova Sony Ericsson - K790i Any ides ???

AD6987 | 25.09.08, 23:11

Nokia x3-02 or c3-01

@nor_kh nokia x3-02really dont have themes, but if you really want one, our x3-02 can adopt themes from symbian s40 3rd-5th edition (ex: Nokia 3600 slide, 5130, 6300, 6600i slide, etc) or if you like DOTA themes, kindly subscribe to me, i have plenty of those

Quitter | 05.02.11, 01:21

Phone Models you Owned ?

Hi All....... this is my first own created Thread. i hope Mods Will Accept this. Guys What are the Phone Models You Owned Till now ?? List of phones i owned till now. 2005- Nokia 3610 2006- Nokia 3200 2007- Nokia 6630 2008- Nokia 5200 2009- Nokia 3600 Slide 2010- MicroMax X2 2011- Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 2012- Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

Sneha___ | 20.02.13, 15:54

Nokia 5310 instant messenger

i thought phones didnt have the ability to instant message Nokia phones have an IM feature since ages. It was present in my former Nokia phones (2630 and 5200). My Nokia 3600 Slide is supposed to have this feature too but I can't find it anywhere. But I don't really care. I wasn't able to use it either in my previous phones. I don't know whether it depends on a seervice called Nokia Messaging which provides IM and e

Tincho_DJ | 19.08.09, 17:50

i need help for FLASHLITE 2!!!

XpressMusic Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Nokia 6600 fold Nokia 3600 slide Nokia 6600 slide Nokia E66 Nokia E71 Nokia 7310 Supernova Nokia 7510 Supernova Nokia 7210 Supernova Nokia 7610 Supernova Nokia N96-3 Nokia N79 Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Nokia 3610 fold you can check here http://www.adobe-flashlite.com/?page_id=3 Where can I download flashlite 2? i downloaded a flash game for my nokia 6670, but I need

Quitter | 08.10.08, 02:29

Post a picture taken by your Nokia phone

Hi everyuone! Well, first of all, I must admit I've always been a Sony Ericsson fan (I can hear some boo's over there now...) but I also had three Nokia phones (previously 2630 & 5200 and currently 3600 Slide) and all of them are/were great. My Nokia 3600 Slide is not the best phone ever but it's the best I've ever had, especially in the imaging department. There is already a

Tincho_DJ | 17.08.09, 04:04

Tehcnical details about symbian phones

Nokia 3650/3600 Symbian OS v6.1 Series 60 1.0 user interface Screen size: 176x208 pixels 3650: Tri-band, GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz networks 3600: Dual-band, GSM 850/1900 MHz networks Video capture (camcorder) and playback Integrated digital camera Optimized for messaging: picture taking and sending, multimedia messaging service (MMS), SMS and email Connectivity: Bluetooth® technology, infrared and SyncML MMC card support Browsing: WXHTML Open (Java MIDP 1.0)

burekburek | 29.12.04, 03:40
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